Fan Site Archives!

In the 90s, everyone had a webpage so it's not surprising that people would make websites or shrines dedicated to things they liked and RBF is no exception.
Like the weirdo cave dweller I am, as soon as there wasn't anymore RBF related content in my immediate proximity, instead of just using google like a normal person, I decided to instead load RBF's site into the wayback machine to see what I could find. And by doing that I discovered that they used to have a page dedicated to fan sites people had made and I had a FIELD DAY
So as a way of paying tribute to that, I'll be putting links to archives of old fan sites that I find because they are truly something to behold.

A fair warning though, These sites were made during the late 90s and early 00s and may contain slurs or other hurtful language. I'm posting these site links for the sake of internet history and I do not at all condone the outdated vocabulary some of these webmasters used so just be aware of that.

Lisa's Reel Big Fish Purity Test

A good ol' fashioned purity test revolving around RBF (Sadly it isn't functional in this archived state but I AM working on a functional mirror of the site and I'll link it here when it's ready)

I Hate Reel Big Fish


The Web Page Reel Big Fish Doesn't Want You To See

This site was known for displaying yearbook photos of the band's members though sadly none of the images on the site were archived (unless you wanna send them to me on discord @ BARRACUDA#4339 and I'll work something out...)

The Reel Big Fish Zone

Standard RBF site but it has a rumor mill page where people have submitted their own rumors and they're pretty funny actually

Balls Squad

Get this, this site is dedicated to straight up self-insert RBF fanfiction and it is by far the most off the walls shit I've ever read AND I LOVE IT you could really tell the authors were having fun with it

Fresh Fish!

This is probably the best lookin' site of the lot, it also has wallpapers you can download (4:3 monitors only though)

RBF Psycho

Not exactly an 'old' site but I still think it's worth being here. They also have a youtube channel that's uploaded some more obscure RBF songs like their demo tapes!

The Reel Big Fish Palace

This site has friggin' MIDI FILES you could download and that's terrifying

Tim's Reel Big Fish Page

Yeah weird thing about this one, there's suppose to be a .wav file on the main page of the site. But for some reason, it doesn't show up for me! (I opened it in chrome too just to make sure) I know for a FACT there's suppose to be a .wav there but it's not even on old archives of the site on my end and it's freaking me out. If you see the file on the page, message me on discord (BARRACUDA#4339) so I KNOW I'm not crazy

Other sites I didn't write a description for

Another Delightful Reel Big Fish Shrine

Reel Big Fish Sucks

Joe's Reel Big Fish Site

Just Another Little Fishy Page