The Reel Big Fish Purity Test

Welcome to the first Reel Big Fish Purity Test!
Here, you can test how much Reel Big Fish has corrupted your life. The result will come out as a percentage. The percent pure you are is how much of you has NOT been affected by Reel Big Fish, not how pure Reel Big Fish you are. So basically a big RBF fan would probably be very corrupt. As for scoring, it's up to you to decide whether being RBF corrupt is a good thing or not (personally, I don't mind being corrupt at all).

In case you haven't taken a purity test before, it's easy! All you have to do is check all the boxes for which your answer is "yes" and then click the submit button at the bottom to calculate your results.

If you enjoy the test (or hate it) feel free to email me.

    There's A Ska Band On My Street...

  1. First things first: Do you know what/who Reel Big Fish is?
  2. Do you know what albums they have out?
  3. Do you know what record label they're on?

  4. Turn the Music Off!

  5. Do you own "Turn The Radio Off"?
  6. Did you buy it (opposed to being given it and then grew on it)?
  7. Have you referred to it as "TTRO" regularly?
  8. Did you buy a censored copy "just because"?
  9. Did you buy the first print "just because"?
  10. Do you own "Why Do They Rock So Hard"?
  11. Did you get the censored version too?
  12. Do you refer to it as "WDTRSH"?
  13. ... or as "White Trash"? (if you don't understand, don't answer)
  14. Do you own the "Everything Sucks" EP (6 songs, through Mojo)?
  15. Did you get it first-hand (i.e., not from someone online or elsewhere)?
  16. Do you have the ORIGINAL "Everything Sucks" LP?

  17. *Note: Bootlegs are BAD!*

  18. Do you have an "Everything Sucks" bootleg (either the EP or the LP)?

  19. Do you own the "Vacationing in Palm Springs" split 7" with RBF and CPD?
  20. Do you own the "Teen Beef/Tiger Meat" split 7" with RBF and Goldfinger?
  21. ...and you don't even own a record player?

  22. Do you own the BASEketball soundtrack?
  23. ...the Pixies Tribute?
  24. ...the Duran Duran Tribute Album?
  25. ...Operation Ivy Tribute?
  26. ...Welcome to Woop Woop Soundtrack?
  27. ...Generic SkaCa?
  28. Did you get any of those just because RBF was on it?

  29. Do you have any of the Promo Singles (i.e., "Somebody Hates Me", etc.) that are released to radio stations?
  30. ...and you bought it (opposed to getting it free)?
  31. ...and you have duplicates?
  32. You've bought at least one other cd comp just for RBF, when you already had that song?

  33. We Care... About RBF in the Media!

  34. Have you seen BASEketball?
  35. the theatre?
  36. ...just because RBF was in it?
  37. ...and you sang along when they played?
  38. ...and physically did something when they came on the screen? (squealing counts, poking a friend or something subtle doesn't)
  39. Do you own a copy of BASEketball?
  40. ...and it's one of your favorite movies?

  41. You saw RBF when they were on Donny & Marie? (on video counts)
  42. ...on the MTV Sports and Music Festival?
  43. ...on Happy Hour?
  44. ...on Oddville?
  45. ...on 120 Minutes?
  46. ...on Viva Variety?
  47. ...heard the random snippets played on MTV?
  48. ...heard the snippet of "Sell Out" or "I'm Cool" on Dawson's Creek?
  49. ...and you were mad when they didn't show the album at the end of the show for "I'm Cool"?
  50. Did you see Aaron drown a kid with catsup?
  51. You saw MTV's newsline about Aaron Barrett's birthday? (if so, email me)

  52. You tried to get RBF on Conan O'Brien?
  53. You knew RBF was on an episode of "Hitz"? (if you don't know, then no.)
  54. ...and you've SEEN it? (worth 2 points)
  55. You've tried to get them on MTV's TRL?
  56. ...multiple times?
  57. ...and truly debated going to Times Square with any intention of plugging RBF? (worth 3 points)

  58. Do You Know Why They Rock So Hard?

  59. You've always spelled Aaron's last name with TWO T's.
  60. You've NEVER spelled Tavis with an R.
  61. ...and you get mad at people who do.

  62. Do you have the Scholars CD?
  63. Have you seen them live?
  64. Do you know which Fish is/are in this band?
  65. Do you have the Nuckle Bros. CD?
  66. ...seen them live?
  67. Do you know which Fish is/are in this band?
  68. Have you seen PAL live?
  69. Do you know which Fish is/are in this band?
  70. You know who the other members are in at least one of these bands.

  71. You know which Fish have girlfriends?
  72. ...and you know their names (at least two of them).
  73. ...and you're one of the girlfriends. (worth 5 points)

  74. You can name all the past Fish (stick with 4).
  75. You knew that Grant left the band within a week of the actual occurance?
  76. ...within 3 days of the announcement? (worth 2 points)
  77. You knew that Carlos replaced Andrew within a week of the announcement?
  78. ...within 3 days of the announcement? (worth 2 points)

  79. Everybody Does It... So They Have Videos Too!

  80. Do you have the video compilation?
  81. Have you ever tried to watch RBF videos on
  82. Have you seen the Everything Sucks video?
  83. ...the Sell Out video?
  84. ...the She Has A Girlfriend Now video?
  85. ...the Take On Me video?
  86. ...the second version of the Take On Me video?
  87. ...the The Set-Up video?
  88. ...the making of The Set-Up video?
  89. Were you mad that Mojo didn't let them make a video for Somebody Hates Me?
  90. Can you identify RBF's manager in the videos?
  91. Can you identify the OTHER band in the Sell Out video?
  92. Do you know who's missing from the Take On Me videos?
  93. ...and you know why?

  94. Wanna Give It To YOU!

  95. Do you know all of the lyrics to RBF's songs?
  96. Do you know all the words in the songs they cover?

  97. Have you gone to an RBF show? (pick all that apply)
  98. ...gone to 2, 3, 4, or 5 RBF shows?
  99. ...gone to 6, 7, 8, or 9 RBF shows?
  100. ...gone to 10 or more RBF shows?
  101. Have you ever gone to a festival/radio show just because RBF was playing?

  102. Have you met Aaron?
  103. ...Adam?
  104. ...Andrew?
  105. ...Carlos?
  106. ...Dan?
  107. ...Grant?
  108. ...Matt?
  109. ...Robert?
  110. ...Scott?
  111. ...Tavis?

  112. Have you ever had an RBF photo pass?
  113. interview with RBF?
  114. Have you been to a taping of an RBF video?
  115. Have you been on their tour bus?
  116. Have you been backstage? (for an interview doesn't count)
  117. Have you ever had an RBF VIP pass?

  118. Do you run a fan site dedicated to them?
  119. ...and it's not crappy? (as in more than just a few pages, and it's kept updated... come on, be honest)
  120. ..and there's a link to it on the official site (
  121. ...and it IS the official site? (two points)
  122. Do you know who runs the official site?
  123. ...and you've met either of them?
  124. ...and are friends with either of them?

  125. Do you know who Bacon is?
  126. Did you ever try to sleep with Bacon just to get on the tour bus?
  127. Do you know who Ricky is? (no, not Martin)
  128. Do you know who Tom is?
  129. Do you know who Jill is?
  130. Do you know who Vince is?
  131. Have you met Ricky, Tom, Jill, or Vince?

  132. Do you have an RBF setlist?
  133. Do you have one of Aaron's guitar picks?
  134. of Matt's? (2 points)
  135. Do you have one of Andrew's drumsticks?
  136. from Carlos? (2 points)

  137. Have any of the Fish noted YOU specifically from stage because they recognize/know you (i.e. pointed at you, made SIGNIFICANT eye contact, grinned, etc.)? (2 points)
  138. ...changed the lyrics of a song due to you? (2 points)
  139. ...remembered meeting you before?
  140. ...know your name? (2 points)
  141. Have any of the Fish been in your car, house, boat, etc.?
  142. Have you had an actual conversation with any of the Fish (or Vince), longer than 5 minutes?
  143. Have you ever eaten a meal with any of the Fish?
  144. Have you ever brought any of the Fish "gifts"?
  145. ...that took a while to make or more than $5 to buy
  146. Have you ever run into (not literally) a Fish outside of one of their shows?

  147. Watchin' You Sleep I'm Lookin' In Your Window...

    *Note: I'm not saying whether these are good or bad... but if you check a lot of them, DUDE, get out more!*

  148. Have you ever followed a band member home?
  149. Have you ever searched the phone book hoping to find listings for "Klopfenstein", "Werts", "Regan", or any of the other Fishes?
  150. Have you ever called Scott Barrett trying to reach Aaron Barrett? (if you have, understand: they are not brothers!)
  151. Have you taken pictures of a Fishes car and posted them on the internet?
  152. Do you write fiction stories about the Fish?
  153. Do you make big signs with messages to the band members?
  154. Have you traveled more than 3 hours to get to an RBF show?
  155. Have you flown somewhere with one of your main goals being an RBF show?
  156. ...out of your time zone?

  157. Have you decided to try and learn a musical instrument after being insired by RBF?
  158. Do you have a framed picture of one or more of the fish?
  159. ...that you kiss goodnight before you go to sleep?
  160. Have you ever actually watched one of the Fish sleep?
  161. Is 241 your favorite number?
  162. Have you celebrated any of the Fishes' birthdays?

  163. Don't forget to visit Turn The Computer Off! Another Damn Reel Big Fish Page (it will open in a new window)

If you have any comments or suggestions (questions, hate mail, or otherwise), please email me at

This purity test was made by Lisa Huey (©1999), with help from a scoring system maintained by John DuBois.
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Last update: Thursday, Sept. 9, 1999. (Ooh, 9/9/99!)

Thanks to these rad people for input and other stuff: Ryan "I won big at slots in" Vega$, that goofy Diana Saurus Rex, Yennie (she's the bomb), Cindy (cause sporks rule), Ellen (I'll 4get you're spelling), and anyone else I may have forgotten to mention... Thank you.