About Me

Oh hey welcome to my 'about' page
I don't know how to write an about page so bear with me on this one. My name is Barracuda, I was born on May 29th, I'm a cat person and a Reel Big Fish fan. My main hobby is art but I have taken on coding this website as a sub-hobby (love makes you do weird shit). Now I consider my extreme enjoyment of RBF to be a bit of a dirty secret that I don't want other people to know, which is WEIRD it would make more sense if I liked a band that was actually bad like Limp Bizkit, But no it's not that at all. I think it might just stem from me not wanting to be annoying about my interests out of fear of being considered cringeworthy since I have ASD :cue the laugh track: and RBF is a special interest for me.

I can't think of anything else to write right now so I filled out one of those kindergarten 'about me' sheets instead. I'll write about things I hate next time