Oh hey! welcome to my site!
Now you may not be able to tell, but this is actually a Reel Big Fish fan site, it's just incredibly unfinished. I rebuilt the site with a new basecode and I was planning to finish those incomplete pages in a huge site update, however (as of writing this) my new file hosting site of choice, Catbox.moe went down and it's annoying me so much that I'm just gonna post the updated pages now and get around to completing the unfinished pages later.

Rest assured, even if I haven't finished those pages yet, I've still done a good bit to update the site with the new basecode and I even got around to replacing placeholder images! (Except the image that's suppose to be at the top of the 'bio' page but shush) It's not much but it's honest work. If you're ALSO a fan of RBF like I am, consider adding my site to your bookmarks I'll make it worth your while.